Dental Bridges Can Restore a Smile after Tooth Loss

Illustration of a dental bridgeMissing teeth can detract from the appearance of a smile and diminish your ability to chew and speak comfortably. Fortunately, Dr. Peter T. Smrecek offers custom dental bridges at his Newport Beach, CA, practice for patients who are seeking to replace missing teeth. A dental bridge is a custom restoration that uses artificial teeth to replace up to two missing teeth in a row. Working with a local laboratory, we offer both traditional and implant-supported bridges crafted to blend flawlessly with your smile. To learn more about dental bridges, contact our practice today and schedule a consultation.

Types of Bridges

In addition to filling in gaps created by tooth loss, bridges can restore balance to your bite and prevent adjacent teeth from shifting position. To meet the diverse needs of our patients, we offer both traditional and implant-supported bridges.

Traditional Bridges

A traditional dental bridge is held in place by dental crowns on either end of the restoration. To receive a traditional bridge, we will begin by gently removing a small amount from each adjacent tooth to make room for the bridge and create a stable base for the new restoration. Once your custom bridge has been crafted at an outside lab, you will return to our office to have it secured in place. Traditional dental bridges are effective and dependable non-removable restorations that can replace a missing tooth when an implant is not possible. Additionally, they are also more affordable than implant-supported bridges.

Implant-supported Bridges

Implant-supported bridges are possibly the most life-changing dental procedure in existence. Implant-supported bridges allow patients who are missing some or all of their teeth and dependent on a removable partial or full denture to once again enjoy non-removable lifelike teeth. Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically embedded in the jaw. Over time, the posts fuse with surrounding bone and serve the role of missing tooth roots. The end result is a level of support for your bridge that cannot be matched. Using 3-D computed tomography (CT) scans to examine your jawbone, we can evaluate your candidacy for dental implants and identify the ideal positions for the embedded posts.

Your dental implants will be left to heal over the course of three to four months, during which time we can provide a temporary tooth for you to wear. Once the implants have integrated with the jawbone, we will secure your permanent bridge firmly in place. Implant-supported bridges also offer a unique benefit to a patient's oral health. Missing teeth cause the surrounding area of the jaw to atrophy, or shrink. By fusing with the bone, dental implants return stimulation to the jaw and halt bone loss.

Advanced Materials

Whether you receive a traditional or an implant-supported bridge, your restoration will be made from high-quality materials. At The Office of Peter T. Smrecek Jr., D.D.S., we offer bridges made of all-porcelain, zirconia, and IPS e.max® ceramic. These materials offer an extremely lifelike result, and can be matched to the shade of your surrounding teeth to blend beautifully with your smile.

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If you are missing teeth, a dental bridge can restore the function and appearance of your smile. To learn more about dental bridges, contact our office today

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