Effective TMJ Disorder Treatment

The temporomandibular joints (TMJs) are the points at which your jawbone connects to your skull. If these joints become inflamed due to jaw misalignment or other factors, you may experience one or several painful symptoms. Dr. Peter Smrecek, Jr. offers effective TMJ disorder treatment for patients at his Newport Beach, CA, office. If jaw misalignment, grinding, or clenching is causing your TMJ symptoms, he can provide relief by creating a customized oral appliance (mouthguard) to help bring your jaw back into proper alignment. You are in excellent hands with Dr. Smrecek, who is among just one percent of U.S. dentists who has attained mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry, with expertise in teeth and jaw alignment.

About TMJ Disorder

Some patients have mild, occasional symptoms, while others experience chronic, sometimes debilitating pain, which often results from stressed muscles and nerves that surround the TMJ. Common, identifiable TMJ disorder symptoms may include:  

  • Pain: Headache and jaw pain are common, and some patients also experience tenderness in the face, ear, and shoulders. Tooth pain may also be present in some cases.
  • Difficulty with jaw mobility: You may have difficulty fully opening your mouth. The jaw may lock in a closed position or temporarily lock when open, and you may have some trouble chewing. 
  • Unusual sounds: You may hear clicking or popping sounds coming from the jaw joint. 

There are many causes of TMJ disorder. If Dr. Smrecek identifies clenching, grinding, or jaw misalignment as the cause of your symptoms, he may recommend an oral appliance. This mouthguard is designed to realign your jaw and can prevent clenching, ease muscle tension, and provide significant pain relief. 

Treatment with Dr. Smrecek

Many patients come to our practice with a diagnosis and referral from their doctor, while others seek an assessment for suspected TMJ disorder. With specialized training in TMJ treatment and diagnosis, Dr. Smrecek will provide a comprehensive exam and treatment recommendation. In addition to a manual check, our digital imaging technology provides a complete, clear picture of your maxillofacial region, the joint, and your bite.

Dr. Smrecek can conduct a thorough examination and determine whether you can benefit from TMJ disorder therapy. 

Many TMJ disorder patients can be treated with an oral splint, and it is advisable to try this non-invasive method before considering any type of surgery. The mouthguard prevents clenching and grinding of teeth, which can aggravate the joint and lead to muscle spasms and inflammation. The mouthguard also allows your jaws to meet comfortably, without the need for the TMJs to overcompensate. Oral appliance therapy has proven very effective for many of our patients.

An illustration of a mouthguard used to treat TMJ disorder

A custom mouthguard can relieve TMJ inflammation.

Dr. Smrecek may also recommend other dental procedures to correct a bite issue, including orthodontic treatment or a dental crown or dental bridge. He may also suggest other non-invasive approaches such as manual therapy, medication, relaxation techniques, and dietary changes.

In some cases, TMJ disorder treatment may be covered by your health insurance policy. Our office staff is happy to help coordinate insurance and can also recommend flexible financing plans, such as Citi® Health.

Alleviate Your Pain

You can gain freedom from pain caused by TMJ disorder. To schedule your appointment, please call our our office at (949) 759-8606 or contact us online today. If you do not already have a TMJ disorder diagnosis but suspect that this might be what is causing your pain, Dr. Smrecek can conduct a thorough examination and determine whether you can benefit from TMJ disorder therapy. 

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