Meticulous Periodontal Care to Protect Your Smile, Dental Function, and Physical Health

You can typically maintain healthy gums with a combination of brushing, flossing, and routine visits to the dentist. Nevertheless, if you do develop gum disease, we can provide outstanding periodontal care at our Newport Beach, CA, practice. At The Office of Peter T. Smrecek, Jr., D.D.S., we offer scaling and root planing to eliminate oral bacteria and treat moderate gum disease. In addition, Dr. Smrecek will monitor your progress with intraoral cameras, as well as provide tips to help you maintain your oral health at home. With timely periodontal treatment, our team can protect your smile, as well as your overall physical health.

What Is Gum Disease?

Illustration showing cross-section of deep cleaningGum disease, also known as periodontitis, is a common chronic condition that affects almost half of all American adults. Insufficient dental hygiene is the most common cause of gum disease. Additional contributing factors include genetics, smoking, certain medications, and other illnesses. 

Before the condition develops, you will usually suffer from gum inflammation, or gingivitis. This problem occurs when oral bacteria collect on your gum line. Because symptoms are typically mild, gingivitis can easily go undiagnosed if you do not maintain your regular dental visits. Without a timely diagnosis, the bacteria will continue to multiply and eventually, bacterial pockets will form around your dental roots. At this point, gingivitis develops into periodontitis.

Symptoms of the Condition

Once periodontitis develops, you could experience a range of symptoms such as:

  • Significant gum inflammation, tenderness, and redness
  • Bleeding during flossing
  • Gum recession
  • Loose teeth

Eventually, tooth loss and even jawbone degeneration may occur.

Outstanding Periodontal Care

Our primary goal, of course, is to prevent gum disease which is one reason that routine dental cleanings are so important. At these visits, your hygienist can remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria, and also look for the symptoms of gingivitis. Then we can provide appropriate treatment before you suffer major dental damage. At this stage, a thorough professional cleaning can usually manage the condition.

Our team has extensive experience in periodontal care, and uses the gentlest methods to remove bacteria without disrupting the healthy tissues nearby.

While prevention is our ongoing goal, we can also treat gum disease if it does occur. There is no cure for periodontitis. However, our care can generally keep the condition under control and prevent serious effects like tooth loss. Most often, we will recommend scaling and root planing. This procedure, also known as a deep cleaning, will enable your dentist or hygienist to remove pockets of bacteria from below the gum line. Then your dental roots will be smoothed, eliminating the uneven surfaces where microbes can gather.

Dr. Smrecek and all the members of his team have extensive experience with periodontal care. They know the gentlest ways to remove bacteria without disrupting the healthy tissues nearby. They are also trained in sedation dentistry, so they can ensure you remain comfortable and relaxed throughout treatment. Most importantly, they offer effective treatment and will provide personalized tips for at-home periodontal maintenance.

Why Periodontal Care Is So Important

Effective treatment for gum disease can ease discomfort and reduce your risk for tooth loss. At the same time, our attentive treatment can also protect your overall physical health. Gum disease has been linked to an increased risk for developing several serious conditions, including heart attack and stroke. Therefore, periodontal care may promote better heart health and more.

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