Should You Choose Clear Aligners or Braces for Straightening Teeth?

Posted on: April 6, 2019

With so many different options these days, you might be wondering which option for straightening teeth you should choose. Whether your teeth are minimally crooked or very crooked, there is a straightening option that is ideal for you. Gone are the days when someone would automatically assume they would need to get traditional braces to straighten their teeth. Instead, now you have choices. While there are many people who still choose to get traditional braces so they can have straighter teeth, there are many more who are choosing a clear aligner system for straightening teeth.

Why are people choosing to have straight teeth?

One of the main reasons people are opting to straighten their teeth is because it is easier than ever to do so due to the many modern advances in dentistry. Many people have chosen to live with their crooked teeth because they do not want to get traditional braces placed on their teeth. Now that there are more options available, they are choosing these options so they can finally have the straight teeth they have wanted for so very long.

The benefits that come with straightening teeth

Having straight teeth simply makes it easier for one to take proper care of their dental health. It is easier for them to brush their teeth as well as floss their teeth when teeth are in their correct and proper place. Those who have straight teeth are also much more likely to smile, as they are confident in the way they look when they do smile because straight teeth offer an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Options for straightening teeth

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are a newer braces option that require the patient to wear nearly invisible aligners for a certain period of time to get the straight teeth they want. These aligners are custom made for each patient and must be changed out every couple of weeks or so to continue the straightening process. They can be taken out for a couple of hours every day, which can make for easier eating. Many people choose clear aligners because of the fact that they are almost invisible, which makes them a great option for adults or teens who would prefer a more discreet option than braces. If one chooses clear aligners, they must be committed to their treatment since they are able to remove them — you will not get the results you want if you do not wear the aligners as instructed.


Traditional braces used to only refer to metal braces, but advances in dental technologies now allow for traditional braces to use other materials besides metal, like porcelain and ceramic. When these tooth-colored materials are chosen, wearers can expect their traditional braces to be less noticeable. Lingual braces are another choice for braces and are placed on the back side of one's teeth vs. the front side. These less noticeable options are making braces a viable option for people who, like those who choose clear aligners, want a more discreet treatment option. Those who are less self-disciplined should opt for braces since they are not removable.

Have you made a decision?

Clear aligners and braces are both great options for straightening teeth. Have you decided that one of these options is right for you? It is important for the treatment you choose to fit in well with your lifestyle. Make an appointment with a dental professional for an initial consultation so that you can discuss which option for straightening teeth is best for you!

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