A Cosmetic Dentist Near Newport Beach Can Fix Your Damaged Tooth

Posted on: February 2, 2019

For people with a damaged tooth or multiple teeth, a Cosmetic Dentist could be the ideal solution. If a tooth is cracked, chipped or worn down, then there are several options that the dentist may recommend. The goal will be to leave the patient with good looking teeth that they are proud to show off when they smile.

Solutions for damaged teeth

Living with a damaged tooth and multiple teeth can leave someone feeling very self-conscious. Finding a solution can be easy for a cosmetic dentist. After an assessment to ensure all other issues that could be present are resolved, some of the typical solutions they may recommend are detailed below.

Dental bonding for a damaged tooth

If a tooth has been chipped or cracked, the damage could be easily repaired using a cosmetic solution called dental bonding. The procedure usually is done the same day in the dental office, and nothing needs to be molded or sent to a lab.

To complete the bonding, the cosmetic dentist will etch a part into the tooth. Then the dental bonding gel is coated on the tooth to begin hardening. Typically a special light is used to speed along the bonding and setting process. This procedure also does not usually require any numbing or anesthesia either!

A dental crown can repair a tooth

A dental crown, or also called a cap, can be placed on top of a damaged tooth. As long as there is no cavity or tooth decay present, the dental crown can make a tooth look like the natural tooth before any damage was present.

To care for a dental crown a person will keep their typical daily oral hygiene routine. Dental crowns are made in a lab to ensure they are the perfect fit and color to match the surrounding teeth.

Dental veneers are ideal

One of the most recommended tooth fixing solutions that a cosmetic dentist may recommend is dental veneers. These extremely thin shells are placed and bonded to the teeth. They are also made to match the color of the remaining teeth.

After someone has received dental veneers, they will have a bright white smile they are proud to show off. Veneers make it easy for someone to go from a bad looking smile to amazing white teeth in no time at all!

The bottom line

A cosmetic dentist can provide multiple options to fix damaged teeth. By evaluating your teeth, we can find the right solution for you. Contact our office today, and we can help you make the best decisions for getting a damaged tooth fixed. Our staff can quickly answer any additional questions you may have and assist in guiding you to make the best choices to get your tooth fixed along with obtaining an amazing looking smile.

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