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Dr. Peter Smrecek, Jr. performs custom smile makeover treatments at his Newport Beach, CA, practice to give you a dazzling smile you can be proud to share with everyone you meet. A smile makeover is possibly the most life changing dental experience there is in modern dentistry.  At the very least, it improves a persons smile and in some cases it transforms the most unattractive aspect of a face to it’s most outstanding, pleasing feature and in so doing makes a person look and feel younger, improves their self esteem and enhances their self confidence. Contact us today to learn more.

About Smile Makeover Treatment

A Smile Makeover is the culmination of a patient’s hopes and desires for a beautiful smile, a dentist’s skill and judgement in designing and executing the changes required and the lab technician’s artistic manipulation of different ceramic materials to create a lifelike replacement for natural enamel.

The Procedure

The process begins with a detailed discussion of what a patient does not like about their existing smile and what the smile of their dreams would look like.  Once the dentist understands the patient’s wishes, he evaluates the biological and structural components of the existing smile and creates a treatment plan based on what is desired as well as what is possible.
Photographs are taken and the image of the smile is altered on a computer, to demonstrate the design of the best smile possible.  This allows the patient to see whether their wishes were entirely understood and gives them a preview of what is possible before any irreversible dental procedures are performed.
Models of the existing teeth are made and modified to look like the imaged photo.  These modified models are then used to create a mock up of the new smile with a provisional resin material that can be positioned on the teeth and worn by the patient to insure that the appearance, comfort and  function of the new teeth are just what the patient had in mind.
Changes can be made to these provisional (resin prototype) teeth, if needed, to achieve ideal esthetics, comfort and function.  Once the patient is happy with the provisional smile, the teeth can be prepared appropriately to allow the lab technician to predictably reproduce the same result with ceramic restorations that the dentist accomplished with resin.
Finally, the ceramic restorations, usually a combination of veneers, crowns, bridges and implant supported teeth are bonded to the teeth to complete the makeover.

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