Real Patient Testimonials

"I have been a regular of Dr. Smrecek's practice for 17 years, with the exception of one short period when my insurance was not covering my visits to him (but after experiencing the lower quality dental care elsewhere, I decided to go back to him & pay cash because I appreciated his care so much!). His staff have been with him for years, and treat the patients with the utmost care and attention. They are very thorough, and make helpful suggestions. Dr.Smrecek himself is friendly, very detailed, patient, kind, and willing to explain and share his expertise. I am extremely pleased to have him as my dentist!" —Diana Alvarado

Pat & Ian Laing

"Ian & I have had superior care from Dr. Smrecek and his staff. Dr. Smrecek exudes professionalism and a through knowledge of the dentistry he has completed for us. His staff is competent, friendly and is a true asset to his practice. After a long history of dental issues and treatment, we felt we were in the hands of an exceptionally skilled and capable dentist. We are more that happy to fly in from Canada to see Dr. Smrecek for our dental health." —Pat & Ian Laing


"The professionalism and level of care provided by Dr. Smrecek and his staff can only be described as incredible. The entire team exudes warmth, competence and confidence from the moment you walk through the door to the moment you leave. Dr. Smrecek provided me with a smile I could not imagine,and was there for me every step of the way. Some of the procedures involved general anesthesia and I would highly recommend same for any patient undergoing a similar procedure. Thank you to the entire staff from the bottom of my heart. You don't just create healthy beautiful smiles, you change lives." —Ross

Trevor Ballou"I've always had a big heart for people and now Dr Smrecek has blessed me with a huge beautiful smile to match! Thank you so much for all you and your great staff have done for me. I promise to use this great smile, and the confidence it has given me, to spread a lot of joy!" —Trevor Ballou

Patricia Laing

"Both Ian and I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Smrecek. His team is phenomenal. We are more that happy to fly in from Canada to see Dr. Smrecek for our dental health." —Patricia Laing

Ian Laing

"Dr. Smrecek is the best." —Ian Laing

Joe Maioriello"Wow, what can I say that not every patient has said already about Dr Smrecek? I met Dr Smrecek 25 years ago in a building that we both worked in. I was new to the OC and needed a dentist and he was a perfect fit for me. I was one of those guys that you hear about you know the type, a frighten little baby when it comes to seeing the dentist. Peter made my experience not only pleasant but also informative. It was the first time I had had such an extensive oral exam. From that time forward, I knew he was always going to be my dentist. Since then I have been sending patients to him. The comment I get from these referrals is always the same where did you find him, I have never been paid attention to in such a way at a dental office before, from the dentist to the staff. I can't believe the exam he gave me when I arrived. The craziest part is, they all call me to thank me for the referral. It has now been two years since I decided to get veneers and what a difference they have made on me both esthetically as well as with my more positive attitude about myself. For patients coming in you are going to have the pleasure of now enjoying your dental visit not dreading it. Peter, thank you again for all you have done for me."  —Joe Maioriello

Katie Ballou"I've always been a little shy but Dr Smrecek has given me a bright and welcoming smile that speaks a thousand words! As my treatment progressed, he really listened to what I had in mind and then by adding his own extensive expertise, he created a dramatic smile for me even more amazing than I had envisioned for myself. Thank you so much for my picture perfect smile!" —Katie Ballou

Robert Dowling"I have been a patient of Dr. Smrecek's for over 7 years and cannot imagine going anywhere else. Dr Smrecek and his staff are the utmost in professionalism, they have a caring attitude, and you know that when you leave his office you have seen the best of the best." —Robert Dowling

Frank Garwood"Peter Smrecek DDS provides a superb quality of dental services and has genuine care and concern for his patients. Assisted by an incomparable staff of highly efficient technicians, dental hygienists and office managers all of who represent excellence in their profession." —Frank Garwood

Deidre"From the moment I met Dr. Smrecek and his staff, I knew that finally, after a long history of dental problems and treatment, I was in the hands of an exceptionally skilled and capable dentist. Dr. Smrecek dedicated to providing his patients with unparalleled dental care, while continuously keeping his end goal in mind: making the patient happy and healthy. Choosing Dr. Smrecek and his staff as my team was the best dental healthcare decision I have ever made." —Deidre

Jerry Carter"I chose Dr. Smrecek because of his extensive training at the Pankey Institute. If I am going to make that kind of investment in dentistry, I want it done right the first time. I couldn't be happier." —Jerry Carter

Rita Kaye"I have been a patient of Dr. Smrecek for 15 years and cannot imagine going elsewhere. He is a master of both form and function. Experience has taught me that one is not worth anything without the other. I am thrilled with my smile and the way it makes me feel." —Rita Kaye

Linda Woida"Thank you Dr. Smrecek for my beautiful smile! You and your staff have been extremely compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional. I have been to many dentists over the years, but you are the only one I have recommended to family and friends. Your integrity, attention to detail and sincere concern for your patient's health and comfort was evident from my first visit. You are truly amazing." —Linda Woida

"Outstanding service delivered in a totally professional manner. The best medical (not just dental) service I have ever received and anyone could expect." —Tom O.

"I was extremely pleased with my visit and the overall attention I received. My questions were many and the entire staff, including Dr. Smrecek, took the time to explain my options and answer all of my questions in detail. I've been to two other practitioners in the Newport area and they assumed I knew what they were talking about or talked down to me. "Not Here!" I also really appreciated the directness of their responses to all of my questions, including billing related questions. There were no ambiguities and their fees are not exorbitant due to their location. "You won't experience anything, but excellent care and service at Dr. Smrecek's office." It's difficult to find someone to trust with your dentistry needs and your smile, but I'll definitely be a patient here for a long-long time. Plus, the entire staff is phenomenal, the office is immaculate and they take early morning appointments so you can make it in before work. I wish I would have found them years ago." —FG

"Being a loyal customer really pays off. Peter, you and your organization are very professional and at the same time make the patient feel welcome and important. Thanks for working me in to your busy schedule. My new tooth looks and feels great." —Rod H.

"I am completely satisfied with the approx. 30 years of dental care provided to me, my adult children ages 21 and 22 are also impressed. We all appreciate the comprehensive attention to all aspects of dental health, while a gentle approach is handled at all times." —Julie C

"I have been going to Dr. Smrecek for many years now and I live about an hour and half away...but it does not matter - I will never change dentist. I feel very comfortable and taken care of every time I visit his office. Thank you!! I have never understood why people were afraid of the dentist. I am excited to go at any time. I feel like one of the family! Thank you for so many wonderful years!!! (And in my opinion, none of you are allowed to retire)." —Laura R

"It is always wonderful to visit your office. Friendliness, professionalism, and quality of service is EXCELLENT. Best dental practice in southern CA!!! Thank you!" —Pam S

"If you want a dentist that cares and does the best job with the latest equipment Dr Smrecek and his staff are the Best! We have had his care since 1985." —John P

"I feel very well taken care of by Dr. Smrecek and his staff. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and at ease."  —Naomi M

"Dr. Smrecek's office is well located and convenient. His office space is always spotless, well lit and well laid out. Greetings are always friendly and professional and the service is the same. Dr. Smrecek also stays abreast of the latest dental procedures, processes and equipment." —Charlie P

"I have been a patient of Dr. Smrecek since he went into private practice approximately 30 years ago. I have referred many family and friends over the years. The things that I appreciate most about Dr. Smrecek and his practice is that he is a highly technical dentist and is current on the latest in dental technology. He is also very honest. If he prescribes work, you can be sure that it is needed and the best solution. In addition to their professional competence, the office has a stable staff with 20 years of tenure being typical. The atmosphere is clean, professional, and fun. Good job Dr. Smrecek, those great attributes of your practice could not have occurred without your skillful leadership." —Bill H

"I was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff and Doctor. I have never had an exam like that before. By far the most through ever. I really felt like nothing was overlooked." —David N

"Great customer service - the team is always so friendly and make you feel very comfortable. I had to fillings and it was a piece of cake." —Virginia V

"As I expect nothing but the best for my life, I am a man who very much can be rather critical if need be. However, for Dr. Peter Smrecek and his staff I give 5 stars for each and every visit critique I've carried with them them now for over the past 10 years. This office and its people are best of the best - bar none! Can you relax in the dentist chair with YOUR dentist? I can!" —Stephen G

"I'm so sad that I'm moving because it took me a little while to find Dr. Smrecek, but hopefully I can schedule my dental appointments when I travel here for work. I would recommend Dr. Smrecek to anyone, and I'm very picky! I also really, really hate getting dental work. However, despite that, he is one of my favorite doctors. Everyone in his office is wonderful." —Agatha N

"I have been a patient of Dr. Smrecek's for almost 20 years - he is an excellent dentist and as I told him yesterday, I sure hope he is my dentist for at least another 20 years. His assistant Martha also did an excellent job which I greatly appreciate." —Seth H

"I am very happy with my experience with Dr. Smrecek, Val & everyone else I've met at the office. (My only problem is in remembering the spelling of the name)." —Ellen O

"So I really had a great experience, I must say my face muscles are a bit tired all that smiling I am practicing in anticipation. Seriously, I was very apprehensive about the visit, but I left feeling very encouraged. I am not so sure you know how much having a nice smile would mean to me, in addition to simply a healthy mouth." —John C

"Dr. Smrecek is probably my favorite doctor out of all my doctors. That says a lot, because I HATE dental work. He is very knowledgeable and I trust him to do a good job. Everyone there is very friendly. Martha is a great assistant! She and Dr. Smrecek make a good team. The office is very clean and well-maintained." —Agatha N

"I look at my teeth and I feel so fortunate that I found your office. Not only is there attention to detail in the care of my teeth, but also in their appearance. Thank you for taking such pride in your work and for taking such good care of me." —Margaret R

"It is wonderfully rare to find a practice where the patient feels everyone genuinely cares, never rushes you through a visit, has personal follow up, and always has a smile. You all are a true treasure within the medical/dental profession." —Lillie E

"Alan Smith was correct. He said we would be a good combination and he was so right. Thanks for being so organized and detail oriented. It is refreshing." —Julia A

"Everyone is so thoughtful, helpful and has the gentlest of touches. Despite my dentist phobia, I am so glad to have found you because you all make it the best experience possible. Because of the care received over the past year, I no longer have the anxiety about coming in. That is huge! Thank you again." —Lilly E

"I have never had such good experiences with dentists as I do at your office. Even with extensive work I am always comfortable. My fears are addressed, treatment is explained, everyone is friendly. For the first time ever I go to the dentist with dreading it. It is great to go to an office where everyone is caring and sensitive to the patient needs. I could not imagine ever going to another dentist." —Lilly E.

"I have been coming to Dr. Smrecek's dental office for about (6) years now and each and every time I have a great experience. Everyone is extremely nice, compassionate and treat me like family. They are extremely professional and I would recommend Dr. Smrecek and his staff to anyone who is looking for a dentist! I will be a patient forever! Thank you Dr. Smrecek and everyone there for all of these years." —Traci

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